Forbes magazine ranks Horace Mann as the SECOND BEST preparatory school in the country. The school is known for its rigorous course of studies.

TYPE: Independent school, college preparatory school
GRADES: Nursery 3’s – 12th, Approx. 1,750 students
LOCATION: 231 West 246th Street, Bronx, New York, NY 10471
TELEPHONE: 1-718-432-4000
TUITION: for 2011-2012 school year is approx. $40,000

ADMISSION to Horace Mann is highly selective. Decisions are based on an applicant’s recent grades, an interview, and candidate’s score on either the ISEE or SSAT test.

Horace Mann is known for its large number of college level courses. It offers 10 foreign languages.
The students are required to take at least three years of either: French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish. Additional classes are offered in: Russian, Mandarin, Greek and Italian.

Many students develop original research projects with faculty at Columbia University, New York University, Cornell University Medical Center, Rockefeller University. Students (starting in 11th grade) can choose from courses in United States Legal History, Economics, Psychology, Classical History, Religion among others.

In 1995 Horace Mann established the John Dorr Nature Laboratory in Washington, Connecticut with a gift of 83 acres. Now, the Laboratory encompasses 275 acres of fields, streams, and ponds in which students explore nature.

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