The Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men, Inc. and Pulaski Association Endowment Fund, Inc. proudly announces the awarding of one $4,000.00, $2,000.00 and $1,000.00 scholarships to high school seniors or students in their freshmen and sophomores years pursuing a degree at an accredited college or university. Applicants must be at least one fourth of Polish descent. Prior scholarship recipients are not eligible.

Application must be clearly completed and include the following information:
1) Name, Address and Telephone Number
2) Date and Place of Birth and Family Background
3) High School or College presently attending
4) Official Transcript from prior semester or year
5) SAT Scores
6) Please attach essay on how you are planning to use your Polish background in your professional or social live in the future
7) Describe how you will spend The Scholarship check (max 100 words)

Link to info and aplication:

Mail the completed application package to:
Pulaski Association of Business
and Professional Men, Inc.
C/O Albatros Travel Agency
74 Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222


  1. Dzien dobry !
    Bardzo prosze o odpowiedz .Moja corka chce zostac lekarzem jest po uniwersytecie i po master degree . Studiuje na karaibach , zaczela szkole medyczna i Phd razem , bo nie mozemy dostac finansowania . Bardzo prosze o odpowiedz , czy moze sie starac o to stypendium .
    Bardzo dziekuje
    PS. Jestesmy w Usa 15 lat , corka ma 26 , druga corka uczy sie w IMSA /Illinois Math and Science Academy / tez chce byc lekarzem . Obie juz skonczyly mature w polskiej szkole , dobrze sie ucza , ta ktora jest na medical school master degree skonczyla z wynikiem 4.0


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