„Poland and USA, my countries”. Martin Zakrzewski. Lat 15.

United States of America is a country located in North America. The main language spoken is English. The climate can be quite diverse. In one area is snowing while in another area people are getting a tan, the area being 3.79 million square miles. America is the third largest country. This is what I like about America because there are many things to experience while still being in the country. It has volcanoes mountains lakes, rivers, a desert, valleys and canyons.

For example if you are in Poland and you would like to see a volcano you have to take a plane to another country. The United States has a broad variety of ethnic groups, traditions, and values. You can have Chinese, Spanish, and Polish living in the same town. In this country there is religious tolerance. In the town where I live there are Christen, Jewish, and Hindu temples.

Poland is located in Central Europe. Poland is 120,726 square miles, making it the 69th largest country. It has a long history. Even though it has not been perfect it has made the people of Poland care more for their country. Even though, Poland was not on the map for a over one hundred twenty years people never forgot about it. There are wonderful castles that remind of its great history.

For example there is the Bedzin Castle. It has different geographic climate similar to other parts of the world. If you want to visit the Amazon Rain Forest, Poland has it. Want to visit the Alps. Poland has mountains called Tatry.

Many animals that have since died out in other parts of Europe still live in Poland. Poland is full of beautiful plants and animals such as chamois, lynx, wildcat, elk, boar, deer, and bison, as well as a rare breed of pony. There is a world-famous Bialowieza National Park, which straddles Poland’s border with Belarus. Wolves and brown bears live in the higher mountains, and elk, deer, and mouflon – wild sheep are fairly numerous in the lake districts. Grouse, heathcock and black stork inhabit Poland’s grain-producing areas, lakes, marshes, and forests there alot of nature reserves and other protected areas. More than half of the land is devoted to agriculture.

Martin Zakrzewski, Mahwah High School
9 klasa.